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Frequent Farts, Signs of Disease Disorders?

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Frequent Farts, Signs of Disease Disorders?


Jakarta, Duuut! Fart is healthy you know, although the sound and fart smell sometimes make people feel uncomfortable especially when in a room full and full of people. But if the frequent waste of wind, a sign of a disease disorder is not yes? Described by the consultant detikHealth consultant, Dr. Dito Anurogo, farting is the formation of excessive gas in the digestive tract and intestines and then released through the anus. The main components of the gas farts are odorless, such as oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane.Sebagian people produce gas alias fart 1-3 times per day, and in a day total of about 14 times, bright Dr. Dito.Lebih dr Dito explains, if in a day fart more than 20 times so it is called by some researchers as an excessive condition aka pathologis.Read also: Causes of Frequent Fear: Anxiety, Drinking Many To Sports Despite this, excessive gas or farting rarely used by doctors or teams medical treatment to describe a disease, said the doctor who continued study S2 at the University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta.dr Dito added that the medical literature mentions that the fart is a symptom of various diseases or health problems, including ovarian cancer, gastric acid deficiency, lactose intolerance, low digestive enzymes, and digestive system disorders. To confirm the diagnosis, then certainly should see a doctor, advice dr Dito.Baca also: Frequent Fri & Stomach Bloating Can Because Most Eat Candy (hrn / up)



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