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Do not Drink Coffee Finish Eating Frozen Food

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Do not Drink Coffee Finish Eating Frozen Food


Ontario, Canada, Consumption of foods that contain fat is definitely not good for the body, but if you consume coffee after the consumption of fatty foods so the negative effects will also be greater once again. The results of studies conducted by the University of Guelph show that the combined fat and caffeine in coffee can be so harmful to the body. Researchers found that healthy people who drink coffee after the consumption of natural fatty foods increased blood sugar up to 2 x fold. Increase in blood sugar is even equivalent to people at risk of diabetes. "" The results tell us that fat fat can interfere with the body's ability to clean the sugar in the blood, and when combined with coffee that has the content of caffeine, so the effect can be more ugly once again, "" explained Marie-Soleil Beaudoin, who did research with professor of the University of Guelph, Lindsay Robinson and Terry Graham, as written preventdisease, Tuesday (04/19/2011). According to Beaudoin, a combination of fat bland and caffeine can keep sugar in the blood for long periods of time, whose effects can be so risky. This study is the first study to know about the impact of fat bloated and caffeine on coffee at blood sugar level. The study was done by using a cocktail (fat cocktail novel) which is only filled with fat. The drink is specially designed to very likely researchers accurately follow what happens to the body when people ingest fat. In this study, healthy men were told to drink about 1 g of fat drinks for each kg of body weight. Six hours ago they were given a menu after that which is divided into sugar drinks. Finally, the blood sugar content of the subjects increased to 32% higher than those who did not consume fat. Researchers also tested the effects of caffeinated coffee combined with fatty foods. For this test, researchers gave participants caffeinated coffee 5 hours after ingesting fat drinks. One hour ago in a sugar drink. Finally show that the blood sugar content increased by 65% ​​compared with participants who did not consume coffee and fat. "" This shows that the impact of fatty foods combined with coffee can last for hours. Even the impact can be 2 x fold compared to people who consume only fatty foods, "" explained Beaudoin. With the exception of the blood sugar test, researchers also see the effects of gastro-intestinal by measuring the incretin hormone launched by the intestine after ingestion of fat. These hormones sign pancreas to release insulin to help clean the blood of sugar. "Furthermore, we have found that caffeinated fat and coffee can cause communication damage to the intestines and pancreas, which results in why participants can not clean sugar from their blood easily," said Beaudoin. According to Beaudoin, the results of this research are so necessary for people at risk for metabolic disease and type 2 diabetes. "" We have known for years that people with or at risk of type 2 diabetes should limit their caffeine consumption. Drinking coffee without any cafein is one of the steps to increase a person's glucose tolerance. Limiting the consumption of bored fatty acids found in red meat, processed foods and fast food foods is useful, too, "" Beaudoin lid. The results of this study have been published in the Journal of Nutrition. (mer / ir)



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